UEFA – the next brand to disrupt?

It is tempting to consider marketing and finance to be completely separate business disciplines. European football club eager to launch a new competition dissident to UEFA have just been recalled the two are deeply entwined in the successful management of a venture

The super league – a business decision mainly driven by financial dimensions luring:

+   the clubs with the perspective to secure €400m funding / year to participate to a competition they were certain to be selected
+    J.P. Morgan financing the project with a potential low risk venture supposed to attract millions of fans able to generate sufficient revenues.

…but avoiding marketing dimensions to disrupt efficiently a strong heritage
UEFA brand has built a strong heritage with generations of customers (fans) who gained intimate experiences with its product (competition) at a point in their live. As customers expressed it loudly, the super league case demonstrates that customer centric approach is not another marketing verbiage but a reality.

Today, to succeed a business venture, leaders shall look at both
Marketing dimensions of Financial decisions and
Financial dimensions of Marketing decisions.

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