how we align external brand and corporate culture to help your organisation unleash its full potential

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at parallell, one of our objectives is to help our clients bring company culture and brand together, allowing them to interact and strengthen each other. we strongly believe this resonance between building strong brand to engage customers and a unique corporate culture embraced by employees décuple the strength of your organisation.

we believe that your values and purpose are the key elements to bind your external brand and internal culture together. as an illustration, think about what defines Amazon’s, Apple, AirB&B external brand. now think about their internal culture. it aligns exactly with their external brand: they will relentlessly pursue opportunities to deliver the superior customer experiences that their brand promises, creating the brand–culture fusion that generates the company’s power.

we see three major benefits harnessing brand and culture in parallell,

    • first, it aligns every employee by making the company objective crystal clear
    • second, it gives you a competitive edge as it’s easier to “mimic” a product or a brand, but it’s harder to reproduce your company culture
    • and third, by raising your brand and culture alignment, you develop a strong authenticity credible in the eyes of your customers

working with our partners, we ignite a hands-on process of merging company brand and company culture as one entity. we advise leaders with both strategic and operational best practices in their realisation of a successful brand–culture fusion, so that words don’t only remain words.  Through our process, we accompany leaders act to reinforce company culture driven by clear core values, create rituals to build powerful reason to believe for employees and turn them as true internal customers, consider making some structural adjustments, evaluate the consequences on their business model and implement accordingly.

to learn more about fostering your brand and culture, you can contact us or visit our website to know more about how we can support you.

claire & debbie

+ claire baillet is principal at parallell leading the marketing practice

+ debbie percy is principal at parallell leading design organisation and coaching

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